Duties and Responsibilities
The Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs was established from a merger of the Office of the Comptroller stated in the Decree Law No: 124 and the Office of Support Services under the Decree-Law No: 190.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Office of the Comptroller included

a. preparing budget proposals of the university on the basis of plans and programs and monitoring their implementation with a view to ensure appropriate and efficient use of available resources such as capital, human and material resources to render services and operations effectively and economically (to the Directorate of Strategy Development under the Law No: 5018);

b. collecting and evaluating necessary documents and statistics related to financial resources of investment programs (to the Directorate of Strategy Development under the Law No. 5018); and

c. monitoring cash and payment statuses during implementation (to the Directorate of Strategy Development under the Law No. 5018).

Duties and Responsibilities of the Office of Support Services included

a. carrying out services related to supplying equipment, material and vehicles;

b. carrying out sanitation, lighting, heating, maintenance, repair and other similar services (some services are carried out by other support services units);

c. carrying out printing and graphic works, and duplicating official papers and documents

(some services are carried out by other support services units);

d. offering civil defense services, ensuring security, and protecting and controlling the environment; and

e. performing other similar duties to be assigned.

Other support services units of the university carry many of the above-mentioned duties of our office whereas some of the duties were transferred to the Directorate of Strategy Development (Office of Budget and Planning) established under the Public Financial Management and Control Law No: 5018.

Since the Office of Budget and Planning was subordinated to the Directorate of Strategy Development, Finance Division for Accruals was established to carry out other ongoing services of the Office of Budget and Planning.

According to the Provision 5 of the Article 25 of the Law No: 5902 of 29/5/2009 on Establishment of Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Defense Secretariat and Defense Office, legislation governing organizations of state institutions and organizations, are to be removed. Functions and services of these institutions and the duty of planning and executing services of civil defense and mobilization shall be carried out by the Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Support Services Units and other units established for this purpose”, personnel working in the Defense Office and Civil Defense Secretariat were appointed to the Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs under the Law No: 657, Article 76 upon the approval of the Rector’s Office on 04/08/2009.

Our office carries out appropriations in our budget as stated in the official writing of the Rector’s Office No: 869.00/266 of 28.01.2011 on condition that they will be limited to current appropriations specified in Central Administration Budget Law of the Office:

-03.5.2 Goods and Service Purchases (Telecommunications Expenses),

-06-Capital Expenditures,

-06.1 Finished Goods Purchase,

-06.2 Movable Capital Expenditures, and

-06.3 Purchase of incorporeal rights.

Expenses to be made by using appropriations in, and layouts and offers the following services:

  1. Conducting procurement procedures of goods and services required by the Rector’s Office, Faculties, Institutes, Schools, other centers and offices (03-Goods and Services Purchase Expenses), (06-Capital Expenditures);
  2. Paying telephone, electricity, water and gas bills of the university;
  3. Processing procedures of permanent domestic travel allowances of personnel of the office and Rector’s Office, and their payments;
  4. Paying hospital treatment costs, pharmacy bills, drug charges and medical surgical supplies of our academic and administrative personnel (maintained by the Social Security Institution as of the date 01.01.2010);
  5. Conducting accreditation procedures of grant and donations of the Rector’s Office and affiliated institutions;
  6. Controlling the moveable recording procedures (incoming/outgoing control, storage, record, cancellation, transfer and counting procedures) of machinery and equipment purchases made under the Economic code (06 Capital Expenditures); and
  7. Performing other tasks to be assigned by the Rector’s Office.


Our mission is to purchase high quality services at the best price within the limits of appropriations, and store and deliver them at once in order for all units to render their services successfully.


Our vision is to become a leading office equipped with technological facilities reflecting all modern and scientific developments in its services, and become a model to all other units of the university with the service it offers by its specialized, creative and innovative personnel.